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Bait Stations, Blocks & Kits for Mice & Rats

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THE #1 MOST EFFECTIVE STEP to control of bit Mice and Rats is to place Multiplex tamper proof bait stations out doors, on all sides of the building, and bait with Bait Blocks. Anchor the stations to the ground using long screws or rods, and if on concrete, use concrete anchor screws, or construction adhesive. Securely anchor the bait inside the station using the supplied anchor rods. Children or others cannot open the bait stations, without the supplied special "key." The bait stations protect the bait from the weather, pets, children and desirable wildlife.

Professionals have successfully used exterior Bait Stations for a number of years. Our personal experience has proven time and again that a comprehensive approach to rodent control starts with the Bait Station. It takes advantage of the natural behavior mice display. They are securely placed along the perimeter of the building, where mice naturally explore looking for an entrance, shelter and food. Bait Stations offer all 3, so you can control the population before they enter your structure.

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