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Bed Bug Travel Guide

Bed Bug Travel Guide by The Pest Depot
Bedbug Travel Guide

First Things First
The very first step to avoid bedbugs while traveling is to Google your hotel’s name with one of the bedbug registries such as bedbugregistry.com or tripadvisor.com.

If you see just a single negative review do not immediately think you should avoid that hotel, but numerous negative reviews involving bed bugs for a particular hotel should be a clear warning.

An even greater concern than being bit by bedbugs while staying in a hotel is the possibility of bringing bed bugs with you when returning home. Follow these preventive steps to protect yourself and your home from bedbugs.

Treat luggage with JT Eaton Luggage and Mattress Spray
· Spray the outer and inner surfaces of luggage with light spray mist of this product. Allow the luggage too completely dry before use.
· Spray mattresses lightly, particularly around tufts and seams. Take beds apart and spray in all joints. Treat baseboards, moldings and floors. Allow all treated surfaces to thoroughly dry before use.

Pack Preventive Items
· A small LED flashlight to help inspect your hotel room for bedbugs.
· Luggage spray so you can re-apply product as needed.
· At least one BugZip Luggage Bag to seal your luggage while in your hotel room
· Additional Luggage Bags if you plan to change hotels or rooms. Use a brand new bag for every room change · Several BedBug Proof Bags for clothing ready for laundering

Bag contents of your luggage
· Bag clothing articles in BedBug Proof Bags. Different articles of clothing can be sorted into separate bags for easy identification.
· Bag toiletries and all other items in BedBug Proof Bags.
· Pack all the bagged clothing and other items into your luggage. If an insect should somehow enter the luggage, it won’t be able to hide inside the clothing articles.
· Pack a BugZip Luggage Bag(s) into your luggage for use once you arrive at your hotel or other lodging.

Bag your Luggage
· Upon entering your hotel room seal your luggage in your Luggage Bag.
· Make certain the room’s luggage rack is free of insects. Inspect it from top to bottom and under the straps. You may want to treat the luggage stand with your JT Eaton Luggage and Mattress Spray.
· Place your luggage on the luggage rack, in the center of the room. Never place your luggage on the floor, against a wall, the bed, or any other furniture, especially upholstered furniture.

Inspect your Room
· Do a thorough inspection of the room, the bed, and other furniture in the room.
· Use your flashlight for the inspection. You will be looking for any signs of insects. Look for:
· Live insects
· Insect parts or skins
· Large or tiny dark spots or stains. Bedbug fecal matter will be seen as dark brown spots or stains.
· Inspect the bed. Remove the bedspread, blankets, sheets and mattress covers. As each layer of bedding is removed, carefully inspect every sheet, blanket, pillow, pillow case and mattress etc.
· Thoroughly, inspect the mattress and box springs. Remove the mattress from the bed and inspect the topside, underside, and tufts and folds, especially along edges.
· Do the same thorough inspection of the box springs. Remove the box springs and turn it over to inspect the underside.
· Remove the headboard from the wall. Usually the headboard can be removed simply by lifting up from the bottom. Thoroughly inspect the backside of the headboard and the wall behind the headboard.
· It’s also important to inspect inside drawers and behind wall hangings.

If the room has no signs of insects or stains, you are probably ok to stay there. But, never assume there are no bedbugs present. If you do see signs of insects, insist on a different room. Inspect the new room with the same thoroughness as the initial room.
Once you decide to stay in the room, you may want to treat the mattress with JT Eaton Luggage and Mattress Spray.

More common sense precautions when staying in Hotels
· Never allow clothing to lay on the bed or the floor. Immediately, after removing clothing, seal in airtight plastic bags.
· Avoid using hotel room drawers or closets unless your belongings are sealed in BugZip Drawer Bags. Better yet, live out of your luggage.
· Always keep your luggage sealed tightly while in your hotel room.
At the end of your stay, just before leaving your room, remove your luggage from the luggage bag and leave the bag behind. When moving to a different hotel, use a brand new luggage bag for your luggage.

Back to Home Sweet Home
Steps to take upon arrival at your home at the airport
-After retrieving your luggage seal it in a clean BugZip Luggage Bag before placing luggage in your car. You want to avoid exposing your car to bedbugs.
-When you get home, unpack your belongings and immediately place all your clothing in the washer using hot water, then dry in a hot dryer for at least 50 minutes. Do not unpack luggage on the bed or other furniture. If possible unpack outdoors or in the garage. In a pinch use the bathtub to unpack, then wash and rinse the tub with hot water.
-Items that cannot be laundered can be placed in your luggage bag with a NUVAN PRO STRIP. The NUVAN PRO STRIP is very effective at killing bedbugs for up to four months. Leave those items in with the strip for at least a week or longer.
-If you have a late arrival and are not able to unpack immediately, do not open the Luggage Bag until the contents can be laundered the next day.
-An additional important step is to spray your luggage with Sterifab as a final preventive measure. You can also place a NUVAN PRO STRIP inside the luggage, and then seal your luggage inside your luggage bag until you travel again.
-Another, effective option is to purchase a PackTite Luggage Heater. The entire luggage, contents and all are placed into the PackTite. The heat will kill all bedbugs including adults, baby bedbugs and bedbug eggs.

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