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Cockroach Control - Profesional Kit

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Product Description

Our Cockroach Control Pro Kit includes enough professional materials to treat a house of 3,000 to 5,000 sq. feet or more. Materials included in this kit are listed below. Materials needs will vary according to room layout, density of furnishings and infestation level. ____________________________________ --Kit includes 3 tubes-- Maxforce FC Cockroach Control Gel is the #1 choice of pest control professionals for two reasons: it's surprisingly effective and easy to use! Maxforce FC Roach Gel contains Fipronil. Fipronil is the most effective roach control available, it disrupts the roach's central nervous system by blocking the passage of chloride ions through the GABA receptor, an inhibitor of the central nervous system. This causes hyperexcitation of contaminated roaches' nerves and muscles. While many classes of insecticides affect the central nervous system, no other class has this specific effect and one single application of Maxforce just keeps killing for up to six months!
How can a product like Maxforce provide such long lasting protection? Simple; through a domino effect! One dead cockroach can result in up to 44 other dead roaches, since the others will feed on its carcass and feces.
It has a very broad label, allowing you to apply it in residential food processing areas, occupied rooms in hospitals, nursing homes and extended care facilities. It's a much safer alternative to chemical treatments; Maxforce is practically non-toxic by ingestion.
Apply Maxforce bait placements in areas of high roach traffic, preferably within 12 inches of frequently trafficked routes. Kitchens, bathrooms, and garages are all ideal candidates. Stay low to the baseboard, around water pipes and in dark crevices.
Maxforce is a professional product containing Fipronil and can not be purchased at discount stores
Read The Label And Follow Instructions for Safety And Desired Results
Active Ingredient: Fipronil................0.01% ____________________________________________________________ --Kit includes 12 packages (for a total of 72 Bait Stations.)-- Maxforce FC Roach Bait Stations may be used for the control of small cockroaches, such as German or Brown Banded roaches. Maxforce FC Roach Bait Stations and Maxforce FC Ant Bait Stations are all about fast control and secondary kill. Due to Fipronil and its accelerated Domino Effect kill, Maxforce FC Bait Stations start to kill right away. Maxforce FC Roach Bait Stations have an odorless bait that roaches eat even in the presence of other foods and is packaged in a see thru child resistant bait station. The patented transparent red top enables you to monitor bait consumption while providing roaches their preferred environment, darkness, because roaches do not see light in the red spectrum.
Active Ingredient: Fipronil................0.05%
Maxforce Roach Bait Stations may be used for the control of wherever they are a problem (e.g., hospitals, nursing homes, day care centers, schools, residential establishments, warehousing and commercial establishments, food service, food manufacturing and food processing facilities, laboratories, computer and electronic equipment facilities, pet shops, zoos, buses, boats, aircraft, and trains).
Place bait stations around the area where roaches have been observed. You may notice an increase in activity at the bait stations right at first, this is normal as the formula is designed to attract roaches to the bait, even if other foods are available.
Maxforce FC roach bait stations will last up to 3 years in the sealed package. Maxforce FC roach bait stations will last for about 4 months after they are put in use. Always store any type of pesticide out of the reach of children and animals. Best when stored in a cool, dry area out of direct sunlight.
PROTECT OUR ENVIROMENT. ALWAYS DISPOSE OF UNUSED PESTICIDES PROPERLY. Contact your county agent for proper disposal methods. ______________________________________________________ --Kit includes 1 can-- Gentrol IGR 16 oz aerosol can.
Controls roaches, stored product pests, fruit flies and many other pests. Gentrol Aerosol is a non-repellent long term control aerosol foam that is compatible with regular baiting and organic programs. Dissipating foam offers a more complete coverage area. One can treats up to 1200 sq. feet.
Gentrol aerosol contains Gentrol Insect Growth Regulator. The IGR disrupts the normal development of immature cockroaches, fruit flies, and stored product pests including numerous species of moths and beetles. Gentrol Aerosol will make adult insects incapable of reproducing and will disrupt the insects normal life cycle making 100% control much more achievable than programs in place without it.
Gentrol Aerosol is intended for use as a general surface spray, spot, or crack and crevice application.
Can be used in: apartment buildings, bakeries, bottling facilities, laboratories, cereal processing facilities, manufacturing plants, mausoleums, meat and produce canneries, nursing homes, restaurants, schools, locker rooms, stores, taverns, warehouses, pet stores, as well as various modes of transportation, such as aircraft, buses, trucks, trailers, rail cars and marine vessels.
Active Ingredient: Hydroprene..................0.36%

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