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Bee And Hornet Control Basics

Learn More about Bees & Hornets.

Wood Bees & Carpenter Bees

Carpenter Bees or Wood Bees seem to be more common and widespread in the United States. This is a pest that will burrow into wood to build their nest, resulting in unsightly damage of natural wood facades and exposed structural timbers. Wood Bees will often return to the same nest hole year after year, bring their friends and off spring.  Learn more about carpenter bees.


Paper wasps, hornets and yellowjackets construct nests of a paper-like material, which is a mixture of finely chewed wood fragments, and salivary secretions of the wasps. Paper wasps typically build their umbrella-shaped nests under eaves and ledges. These wasps are not as aggressive as yellowjackets or hornets, and can be eliminated rather easily with a wasp and hornet spray. This procedure works well at night. Do not stand directly below the nest, as insects tend to drop straight down when sprayed. Wait a day or two, making sure that all activity has ceased and then the nest may be scraped or knocked down.


Hornets are far more difficult and dangerous to control than paper wasps. The nests resemble a large, inverted tear-drop shaped ball, which typically is attached to a tree, bush or side of a building. Hornet nests may contain thousands of individuals, which are extremely aggressive when disturbed. The nests are often located out of reach and a professional pest control firm is the best choice for removal. 


This is another dangerous wasp family member encountered around homes and buildings. Nests are often located underground in an old rodent burrow, beneath a landscape timber, or in a rock wall. If the nest can is located, it can usually be eliminated by carefully applying a wasp spray into the nest opening.

Wasps, Hornets & Yellowjackets can be very dangerous to people that are allergic to their sting. Hornets, and to some degree Yellowjackets can be vicious and lethal if a person isn't allergic to the venom. Please use sound judgment and engage a professional when needed.

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