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Natural Bed Bug Control

We are often asked about “Natural bed bug control”. There are several steps that can be taken to control bed bugs without chemicals. The variables of each situation make it impossible to predict the outcome though. If you are treating a location where Bed Bugs cannot move or migrate from other rooms or living places, such as a Hotel, Motel, Apartment or Townhomes, the steps listed below may do quite well. Using these steps in advance of treating with traditional methods will greatly increase your success rate.

1) Wash all bedding sheets, pillow cases, coverlets, pajamas and all other materials that can be machine washed ion the sleeping area.

2) Thoroughly vacuum the sleeping area, paying special attention to all cracks and crevices.

3) Steam cleaning mattresses, carpets and other soft surface bedroom furniture will take the vacuum process a step further.

4) Make sure the sleeping area or room is sealed up to prevent invasion from other areas. Use caulking to seal up day tome bed bug hiding places. Fill all cracks and crevices in the bed frame, floors, moldings and walls.

5) Mattress and box spring encasements, when properly applied will keep bed bugs from getting out or getting in to a mattress. Mattress encasements are widely used by the larger Hotel chains.

6) Another item that is often overlooked are animal nests and roosts, especially those of birds and bats. In some cases these animal may be the source of the infestation. Bats also harbor bat bugs which are a close relative to the bed bug.

7) After the cleaning process is completed, barriers can be placed under the legs of post style beds. Pans of soapy water can be placed under each leg, be sure to get legs up on blocks so that legs are not setting in the liquid. Glue boards may also be used, this has the added benefit of capturing the invader. Keep children and pets away from glue boards, they will stick to anything. I have also heard of folks spreading Vaseline around the lower legs of their bed.

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